Blue Whale By: Steven

Blue whales come in different colors such as gray, blue, and white. Blue whales can weigh up to 200 tons (300,000 pounds) for an adult blue whale. Blue whales have a height of 100 feet and use their aid flipper to change directions, balance, and stop. Blue whales belong to baleen and cetacean whales.

Blue whales are carnivores, that means they eat meat such as krill, copepods, and squids to survive. Blue whales eat at least 40 million krill a day or 8,000 pounds of food. Blue whales usually open their mouths wide open and swallow the whole thing.

Blue whales amazingly live in every ocean in the world. Blubber on a blue whale’s body can weigh up about 27% of the blue whales mass and the blubber on the blue whale’s body can warm the body. Blue whales move to the Pacific Ocean during their migration to cooler water. Blue whales live together in groups called pods.

Blue whales have big eyes to see better and so they can easily spot predators. They can swim fast and have loud communication to travel to another whale or communicate with a whale. Blue whales can swim fast because of their flipper. They have a speed of 14 miles per hour. Blue whales adapt to cooler water because of the intense heat of the sun.

Blue whale’s enemies include killer whales, large sharks, and humans. Killer whales for example can lead to a deadly fight with a blue whale, large shark can also lead to fighting, and humans can hunt blue whales. Blue whale sizes can scare predators away from it. Blue whales live in group called pods and if a blue whales gets attacked by an animal the blue whales in the pod can save the blue whale.

Blue whales have a lifespan of 80-110 years old. A blue whale’s heart can weigh as much as an automobile. A blue whale’s tongue can weigh as much as an elephant. Blue whales drink 400 liters of milk from their mom until they’re 7 months old. One last fact is that blue whales can nap while underwater.


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