Ninoy Aquino Day Kate Kralik

Ninoy Aquino Day is celebrated in the Philippines on August 21 every year. It is a national holiday and you get the day off. Unless if you choose to work you will get 30% more each hour you work.
August 21 marks the day when Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. was assassinated. People believe that it was under the orders of Ferdinand Marcos, who Aquino was trying to stop from being dictator. Eventually after his death his wife, Corazon became president.
This holiday is celebrated since these two people are treated as two of the major heroes of democracy in the country.
One of the national foods for holidays is lechón, which is a whole pig.
This is a barong tagalong. This is the national dress for men on holidays.
This is what the women wear for national holiday attire.
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