How tools and technologies extend Digital Learning

You tube

You Tube is a great way to extend your own learning outside of school/college or university. You tube has a visual and audio engagement to its users, and this is a good way for people to interact with the tool. You Tube is a very simple and easy tool to use as it can be used not only on the computer but other technologies such as mobile devices and tablets. You Tube also has its own app so it can be accessed very easily.

I have personally used you tube to help with my maths learning. I have used it in my own time to make sure I understand what was previous taught in the last maths lesson. the video below shows how to do trigonometric identities which is a subject in maths. this video is very useful; as it goes through some basic examples before getting into harder ones. the video is very engaging and it helped me understand trigonometric identities more. By watching more parts of these videos it prepared well for the lessons ahead. the information I learnt from using You tube retain for a while as I was using it frequently.

Khan academy

Khan academy is a digital tool to use, to help with extending your learning outside of school/college and university, much like the digital tool You tube. it is a very interactive digital tool as it allows you to answer a variety of questions on a giving subject that you have chosen. there are many subjects on Khan academy that range from Maths to Arts and Humanities.

Selecting which subject you want to learn about is very easier as they are all displayed as the start. they are displayed with headings and underneath each heading is different sections of that particular subject. once the subject you want to learn about has been chosen, you can choose to either practices some questions, watch lessons on the subject or try some questions to see what kind of level you are at. The Khan academy tools help you learn by visual and audio due to some of the videos it offers and by letting you do it yourself, as it asks you questions and lets you answer them.

Khan academy even has its own app, just like You Tube so it can even be used on your mobile device or tablet. By having its own app it can make the user wants to use it more frequently as it is easier to access.

I have used Khan academy to also help with extending my learning in maths. As it is very easy to access and it is also engaging because of the set up of the digital tool, it makes it a very good tool to use. When using the maths subject on this tool, it gives a variety of different maths subjects. this is great as it makes it easier for the user to practices on a specific maths subject. I used the trigonometry sections to help with my trigonometry lessons in maths. this sections starts by giving some easier example before getting into the harder ones. This helped me understand trigonometry more.


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