Budgeting BY: Will Vega

INCOME: I make two thousand dollars a month from my job as a bartender in my college town.

My rent comes out to one thousand dollars a month from my apartment complex. This is a fixed rate and comes in even every month.

Generally I spend about 500 dollars in utilities and gas for my car. this amount can vary though because if i ride my bike around/use my car more, it could be less or more.

Finally, my final expense would be my grocery bill. Which is about 250 dollars a month. Once again though, this amount can vary based on how often I decide to eat out rather then eat at my apartment.

Just one issue: I bought 2 concert tickets that cost 150 dollars each.... just a little to much for my monthly check. And even better... my car broke down. solid 250 dollar repair cost. I guess I need to check how much money i can spend in a month.

Solution: If I sell the concert tickets at sale price, ill get the 250 dollars needed to fix my car. plus ill have 50 dollars to pay off my friend who gave me 50 dollars to buy the tickets in the first place.


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