Dr. Kami Hoss, DDS, MS Media Kit

About Dr Hoss

Dr. Kami Hoss, DDS, MS, is founder of The Super Dentists, one of the leading multi-specialty dental practices in the country. With over 20 years of experience in the dental industry, Dr. Hoss has a masters in craniofacial biology from USC, a doctorate in dental surgery from UCLA, and a post-doctorate in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. Through his extensive work in dentistry, Dr. Hoss is reinventing patient care by creating the safest, fastest, and most extraordinary dental experience in America. As part of his life’s work, Dr. Hoss seeks to highlight the disconnect between oral health and physical health – and works to educate dental professionals and patients on the important role oral health plays in supporting the body’s immune system. Recently, Dr. Hoss released a medical report on the link between oral health and COVID-19, in which he outlines the connection between poor oral health and respiratory infections.

Frustrated with the fragmented healthcare education model in current schools in California, Dr. Hoss founded the Howard Healthcare Academy in San Diego, which trains students in an unprecedented hands-on method and provides educational programs for doctors and staff, focusing on integrating oral care into whole-body healthcare. As part of his commitment to educating the dental and medical communities on this mouth-body connection, Dr. Hoss also offers community programs, seminars, and workshops in which he highlights the role of oral health in relation to COVID-19 and respiratory health, pregnancy, sleep, disease, and even emotional well-being. Dr. Hoss holds the following board positions and memberships:

  • Board of Counselors at UCLA School of Dentistry
  • Chairman of the Board at Howard Healthcare Academy
  • Forbes Business Council
  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • California Dental Association
  • San Diego Dental Society


As a nationally recognized dentist with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Hoss is a wealth of knowledge on a range of oral care topics, especially those that spotlight the impact a proper oral care regimen can have on whole-body health. In light of the pandemic, Dr. Hoss seeks to educate his patients and the general public on why maintaining our oral health is more important now than ever before. Some of the topics that Dr. Hoss can speak to include:

  • The unexpected link between oral health and COVID-19 in both children and adults
  • The connection between respiratory illness and oral health, particularly during flu season and the pandemic
  • Ways that we can maintain you and your kids' oral health in self-isolation
  • Whole body health begins with a healthy mouth
  • COVID-19 safety precautions to be aware of prior to visiting the dentist

In addition to the above, Dr. Hoss can elaborate further on the following general oral care topics:

  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Benefits of ACCELEDONTICS™
  • Best at-home teeth whitening kits
  • Preventing and getting rid of toothaches
  • How often should we be going to the dentist
  • When should we replace a toothbrush
  • Creating healthy oral care habits from a young age
  • Ways children and adults can stay cavity free
  • Best oral care products on the market today, from toothpaste to electric toothbrushes
  • When should we actually be addressing our receding gum line woes
  • Foods to avoid for optimal oral health
  • Vaping's detrimental effects on our oral health
  • Dealing with dental anxiety
  • What your tongue can tell you about your health
  • Preventative orthodontics
  • Cosmetic dentistry

...and more topics relating to oral health and wellness.


Co-founded by Dr. Kami Hoss, DDS, MS, The Super Dentists are the leading pediatric dental practice in San Diego, California. Every element of The Super Dentists’ patient experience, from its gamified universe of dental superheroes and villains to its state-of-the-art dental technologies, is intended to create a fun, educational and positive environment that kids actually look forward to. The Super Dentists is the first pediatric dental practice to have its own trademarked universe of superheroes and villains. The Tooth Keri and Dr. HaveOneSuperSmile are superheroes who work with a team of sidekicks to thwart the sinister plans of their evil adversary, Cavitar, who wants sugar to rule the universe. Intended to teach kids about the value of oral health, this super-powered narrative comes to life through digital ‘edutainment,’ an interactive augmented reality experience, customized toys, and theme park-inspired super lounges in every Super Dentists location.

Having served the San Diego community for over 25 years, The Super Dentists are consistently voted as the number one dental practice by parents. As an industry leader, The Super Dentists was the first office in California to receive a Cal-OSHA certificate for exceeding safety and health requirements. The practice is also responsible for inventing Acceledontics™ and AADvance™ dental products to deliver beautiful smiles in less time. The Super Dentists offices are located in the Carmel Valley, Chula Vista, Eastlake, Escondido, Kearny Mesa and Oceanside areas in San Diego, CA.

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