PhotoShoot #2 Audra Martin

I made this photo with an umbrella that act's like a bounce board. I used a flash light and the natural light plus the umbrella to make a 3 point lighting technique. I told my sister to look up at the camera, but in every photo she had her eyes looking down.

3 Point Lighting

In this photo I took it in the magic hour. The camera image is blurry though because my camera couldn't zoom in that good. This photo was took at Los Gatos with me and my family.

Magic Hour

I took this photo at the Coalinga library when they were having a play mate thing there. My brother went and his friend ( the one in the photo) Was just getting done eating a cupcake. The lighting was also kind of perfect when I was taking this too. I had my flash on, the light coming from a window, and a computer screen's light on her so it made a perfect three point.

3 Point lighting

I went up to Clovis about a couple weeks ago to see my cousin Beth and her family. We met with them and went to the Sierras. Later when we were hiking she sat on a rock and started to look up into the sky. I took the photo while she was doing this, and it made a good Rembrandt photo with the sun creating light and shadows on her face.


I took this photo on sunday, and it was really just a quicky. I took this in my kitchen because there are two windows by me. To me there are two evenly light proportions that make a clamshell. There's really not anything else to this photo. I really just wanted to get this photo done with and over.



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