Spirit Animal Marc cervantes 5 th

Macbeth can be see as a fearless brave warrior on the battlefield that gained him the many ranks that he holds like the Thane of Glamis. Through the play we see his character develop into a crazed, scared, suspicious killer who can not survive the guilt of his actions. His spirit animal to me can be seen as a crow because like Macbeth they are suspicious birds never being settled with their environment and crazed animals. Like Macbeth crows are fearful of danger and will try to escape a possibly harmful situation, Macbeth exemplified this behavior by having hired murders to kill Banquo and his son trying to escape possibly danger before it is present. Macbeth can also be described as suspicious through the text " We have scorched the snake, not killed it, but let the frame of this disjoint both the worlds suffer.
lady Macbeth is a evil, manipulative, cruel women that is the more amplified foil of Macbeth and can be seen as a darker version of him. Like a snake she only looks to survive, She has no regard for the goodness of others,. She lives in the moment and forgets what she has done. " things without a;; remedy should be without regard, whats done is done" like a snake she has no regrets for the actions shes committed. She tries to twist the situation like she twisted Macbeth to do the deed she couldn't


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