Being Human 2016 - "Love thy Self"

As I get closer and closer to offering the Gift of the Mythica to the People of this plane, my ancient enmity with the very nature of what it means to be human, to be incarnate into the consciousness of the Incarnate at this time, comes to bear. Intentionally, repeatedly, I invoke the "Life Visioning" practices, invoking forgiveness, well-aware of my rancor towards the fact that I HAVE TO invoke practices to deal with the conditions of the human condition at this time. That I have been born into a circumstance which is distorted, and I must do ongoing and repetitive practices simply to have clarity in a maze of vicious absurdity and systemic idiocy. Such is the great surrender, the great acceptance of What Is, the acceptance that as much as I wish this plane were more steeped in it's own Glory, the mission is fundamentally one of cleanup, of being a cosmic janitor in a cesspool of consciousness.

Let's do the Time Warp Again

The issues we have in the human condition are actually simple, repeating over and over in our field due to the conditions of our prism of Self. Due to the nature of the Earth plane, we forget, our consciousness unable to hold onto the feeling-tone of the pattern. In essence, though the issue is fundamentally simple, our lack of consistent memory makes it a constant and ongoing process. From a certain perspective, it feels like being imprisoned. From another, it is the very essence of the progression that defines the human condition at this time.

I have always hated the Earth plane. Deeply. Ever since I arrived here and was subjected to the onslaught of vibrations that are the unredeemed, filthy human condition, the definition of the Age of detritus that we are striving to come out of. Being born into this is akin to being dropped into a vat of acid filled with razorblades, constantly under vibrational assault and .. get this, demanded to have GRATITUDE for the experience. And while this may seem like madness, it is the very nature of being incarnate in this Age. We are born, we forget our true essence, and now must wade through a cesspool of vibrations simply to exist.

Be Grateful or Else

Of all the absurdities I have been demanded to endure by being human, it is the fundamental fact that we are born to madness and must somehow find Love and Gratitude for the experience of limitation and suffering. That we are essentially born into a prison, surrounded by other prisoners, and forced to deal with the conditions of being unconscious, of being unclear, of being human. For this has not been an Age of Gods, but one of filth and confusion, where the very environment is toxic to our spirit on all levels, the result of the average consciousness of the people of this planet and their idiocy of that reflective manifestation. It is a thing where the very nature of the human conditin DEMANDS the evolution of compassion, for any other position only increases the distortion, making things even worse than they already are.

I have hated this. Hated being demanded to find forgiveness and acceptance of, get this, my own SELF and it's portion of the distortion. The realization that simply by being born into this, we are part of the Collective consciousness and are forced into endentured servitude under the terrible conditions of amnesia and confusion.

Yet this is not the last indignity by any means. For if we are not grateful for the experience, if we do not swallow the bile of this place and find Love for it, the experience gets worse. Yes. The closest parallel is being whipped on a post, and then if you complain or get frustrated, the whipping increases. In such a circumstance, there should be no question about WHY I was so angry at God, so disgusted with the conditions of human life. Having come from a much, much better place, it is like swimming through a pile of shit and refuse, choking on the pollution of untempered thoughts and distorted views.

Fighting the Mirror

There is no separation. While some avatars have achieved this Truth through the application of scriptural compassion, I came to it from the revelation that as much as i wanted to strike back at the Universe, as much as I wanted to defend myself against the madness of this place and the people of this World, bringing them an equal measure of the suffering i've had to endure, I couldn't. My perceptions, sharpened to a fine point in attempt to navigate my way out of the prison, showed me the Truth - That if I cause suffering to 'others', it only makes it worse for myself. That we are trapped in this, this carousel of mirrors, forced not only to endure the madness, but to forgive and accept it, for all things are a part of the Collective Self. Worse, we are demanded to LOVE it, 'lest our hatred of the situation, which equates to hatred of the Self, cause disease in it's violation of God's enduring Love.

Once more onto the breach

In the end, the only thing we can do is force ourselves into acceptance, invoking an endless ream of practices to heal the distortions of this Age. It is the nature of the human condition, what defines the idea of 'yoga', of 'clearing' and other things only given definition in contrast to the madness of the Earth. If this were another Age, the Golden Age that I remember full of magick and miracles, where the incarnates here were flush in their siddhic attainment and Glory, such things would not be necessary. The 'healing arts' exist simply because we are born to a place that is diseased.

Finding the Love

Things would be easier if the Love were present. And I don't mean the hippie, shallow declaration that 'Love is everywhere'. I mean the actual feelnig, the actual manifestation of Love in my field that PROVES that Love is everywhere.

Opinions and Declarations

Truth told, I find the iterations of human consciousness, the dirge of social media, boring. Tedious. Repetitive. It is, in many ways, like listening to the barking of dogs, or the drooling chatter of the mentally slow. Watching beings 'Like' each others declarations of Self, or not, watching the circus of opinion and declaration like some bastardized radio channel filled with static. It is a thing I can do without, for there is little value to me in it's exposition save an ongoing necessity of forgiveness and acceptance.

The Terror of Unsolicited Advice

The human tendency to offer 'advice' without achievement is perhaps the most idiotic of the many, many defilements that define the human condition at this time. From a certain vantage, humanity would be served greatly if a good 90% of the opinions that beings had were not aired, replaced by that of the 10% of avatars who actually Know what is going on. This untempered, guideless inertia is the root of so much suffering, as well-intentioned but clumsy consciousness vomits it's perspective across the World stage to be met by more of itself in an awkward waltz of shared dementia.

Being given advice or 'guidance' without my permission has always occurred as the most basic of disrespects, a quality which I have striven to transcend by being meticulous about whether or not I offer such 'advice' to others. A strategy by which I figured that if I did not commit such sins upon 'others', less of the same would be done unto me. And while I would adore the opportunity to strike those who assault me with their point-of-view, reflecting my ire towards their actions in brute force, such is yet another indignity that I must endure in this circus of broken mirrors 'lest I incur MORE irritations to my Self through the reflection.


In the end, we must Accept things as they are. Such occurs for me as the nature of the oft-parroted rhetoric, "Accepting What Is", yet another of an endless ream of personal adjustments to the filth of this place demanded by the atmosphere of Earth at this time. Essentially, though it is annoying, though it is a mockery of clarity, we are DEMANDED to accept it, 'lest we incur the continued beat-down by our violation of Love for the conditions in which we have been imprisoned.

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