My Portfolio Justin Chankongsinh

Intro: My is Justin Chankongsinh the art experience I had is in middle school I took art in 7th and 8th grade it was just beginning drawing. What I learned in this class is that there is many different ways to draw something.

Elements drawing: Contour line is when a line is above or below. We also did a blind contour the forces the artist to look at the subject but not the paper. Also an option down upside drawing is when we get a picture turn it upside down and draw it.

Negative and positive space: A negative and positive space drawing is when you focus on the positive side after you cut the picture in half. The positive space is when you do the inside of the picture. The negative is when you shade the outside of the picture the background.

Before and after hand drawing: What we did is we focused on the contour and positive and negative space. So we did a hand drawing in the beginning of the year and then we did another one in middle of the year to see how much we learned. I think I improved on my negative and positive space because in the first one I didn't put it in because I thought it wouldn't matter.

Profile: I think the profile focus on the principles and elements of art. I think the profile does look like me it got the right shape. The placement of positive and negative space is just right.

Stippling: The stippling life when you use little dots to make a drawing. I decided to do a Jordan 12 gray. It does focus on value because some parts are darker with more dots because in the picture they're darker. Some parts have less dots because they're lighter.

Still life: Is when we set up a whole bunch of object and focus on what you can see. We focused on shape, line, value, balance, texture, form.

Scratchboard: Scratchboard is getting this tile and scratching the black away to get positive and negative space. We focused on value and texture on value we left the dark parts black and we scratched the lighter parts.

2 Point perspective: The 2 point perspective is when you draw a picture of a door our street. That can be on the horizontal line, or below, and above. The ends of the picture have to connect to the two vanishing points.

Before and after self portrait: It is just like the hand we drawer our self in the beginning of the year and then we drawled ourself again and used what we learned. I think the new looks just like me I got the right shape, look, and value.

Conceptual art: The conceptual art is when we use ribbons or paper and make a word 3D. Then we go under the light to get shadows and then we take a picture. Draw it on a piece of paper and get the value and shape.

Closing statements: While in this class I faced many challenges such as not wanting to do it and just making stuff that was hard for me. What I enjoyed about this course is meeting new people and doing things I didn't know I could do. I think i improved on is just how I draw things.

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