Saint Katharine Drexel

Historical Background:

Native Americans and African Americans were not being treated fairly and Katharine wanted to help them. She established the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for Indians and Colored. She opened many schools and universities specifically for Indians or African Americans.

Road to Sainthood:

John Cardinal Krol suggested Katharine Drexel as a saint in Rome in 1964
She was declared venerable on January 26
She was declared blessed on November 20, 1988
Katharine Drexel was cononized as a saint on October 1, 2000
1st Miracle-Robert Gutherman prayed to Katharine for his hearing before his surgery, once his surgery was completed, his hearing was perfect and was approved as Katharine's first miracle after 14 years.
2nd Miracle: Amy Wall had very weak hearing at a very young age. Her family obtained a second-class relic of Katharine after seeing a TV special about Katharine's first miracle and prayed to her to perform a miracle on Amy. Her hearing began to improve and 6 years later, this was accepted as Katharine's second miracle
Feast day- March 3 because she died on March 3, 1955
Patron saint of- racial justice and philanthropists
She is the Patron Saint of racial justice because she wanted to help native Americans and black Americans
Pope Leo XIII suggested that she become a missionary to the Indian missions they were financing
She established a religious congregation called the sisters of the blessed sacrament for Indians and colored whose members would work for the betterment of those they were called to serve
She is the Patron Saint of philanthropists because She donated her inheritance to different religious orders and to her religious order to fund the schooling of Indian and colored schools

Fun Facts

We think that it is interesting that Katherine Drexel is only one of very few American saints because the American Catholic population is very high.

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