Sponsor a Kennel With the Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary

Sponsoring a kennel helps save the lives of many dogs as it provides much needed funds for the rehoming journey.

Most SGS dogs begin their rehoming journey in our kennels

Some are there a short time, but others need longer to settle before they're ready for a foster home

And eventually a forever home.

When you sponsor a kennel you follow each dog assigned to that kennel through their rehoming journey

Take Marcus for example. He was in SGS care for over a year, during which time he was in Sponsor Kennel 1.

We kept sponsors up to date with his progress.

And eventually, when Marcus found his forever home, an email was sent to introduce the dog who took his place in Sponsor Kennel 1.

We sometimes use the sponsor kennels to highlight particular dogs

Luath has been our kennel 2 boy since August 2019, our longest ever 'resident'

He's had a lot of bad luck and has bounced back to us several times

He now has very specific homing needs so it's taking a long time to find his sofa.

Any time there's progress with Luath we email the Kennel 2 Sponsors and we update the SGS forum.

The SGS Forum is where you'll find all our news and events. Kennel sponsors get access to a special area on the forum where we post updates and photos.

Sponsors can also opt to have their name displayed on the Forum and the SGS website.

It costs just £5 a month, or £60 a year, to sponsor an SGS kennel.

The money raised through sponsorship helps pay for things like vaccinations and neutering costs, all of which are done before a dog is rehomed.

Sponsorship makes a great Christmas or birthday present! Or maybe you aren't in a position to adopt but want to help some other way.

Just let us know where to send the welcome pack and email updates.

To find out more please visit our website