a robot that could make memes BY UR BOI AIDUHN

In the year 4783, everyone was engulfed in mainstream junk. Stupid websites dominated peoples lives. Reddit, Facebook, you name it. But still these websites, too, were only hollow shells of themselves. the internet had gone from a tool and communication network to a battleground for flame wars. in its current state, only one thing could save humanity: memes.

Table flipping: a common activity in America, and arguably its new pastime.

Thankfully, a small group of scientists and scribes were working on a savior. although memes were merely a legend, they had developed, tested, and built around the clock to create a machine able to do the unthinkable: make memes.

after five years, the robot was ready. his name was MEME-BOT T-3412. though the robot needed to be released ASAP, it would be a challenge. Activision had revealed call of duty's new installment, COD 918: advanced advanced advanced hyper-modern infinite warfare, for the play station 690 and x-box -3. every member in the gaming community were try-hard pros, and obsessed with their games. it was all they knew.


back in the lab, xX_Pr0qwicks0per$$_Xx, the lead scientist and ex-gamer, was completing the final AI preparations. Dr. qwick activated the robot.

The robot's lights blinked on, and it camera scanned the environment. "meme-bot engaged. directive: make people laugh with dope memes." Dr qwick prepared the labs hatch, and turned to the robot. "meme-bot, engage final systems and commence take-off." The lab's hatch flung open and meme-bots drives whirred in preparation for take-off, but not before he spoke his last words to the resistance: "roflcopter is ready for take off". meme-bot dabbed, and flew off into the sky.

MEME-BOT flying off to no-scope Microsoft

The End.



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