Dylan's Family Heritage Project by Dylan Keys

The origin of my family came from the name Key is part of the ancient legacy of the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is a product of when the family lived near a dock, and may have been employed there having derived from the Old French word kay, which became kaye, keye, and keay in Old English.

8 elements of British culture


United Kingdom does not have a constitutionally defined official language. English is the main language (being spoken monolingually by more than 70% of the UK population) and is thus the de facto official language. Other native languages to the Isles include Welsh, Irish, Ulster Scots, Cornish, Gaelic.


Christianity remains the most practiced religion today, despite its ancient history of paganism.

Daily life

They would go to ye pub, drink, that sorta thing. Children, usually would go out with their friends, go to dance, play computer games, go to the cinema, the park.They would also do sports or watch sports like cricket, football (soccer), rugby, basketball, bowls, swimming, horse racing, polo, tennis, golf and badminton.


Currency: Pound sterling

GDP per capita: 41,787.47,Gross domestic product: 2.678 trillion,Unemployment rate: 5.4%,Minimum wage: 1,378.87,GDP growth rate: 1.7%,Government debt: 90.6% just a bunch of sadistichs 


WWII was a big part of history for them because they fought beside the Americans. They colonized the world they made America a nation

The Arts

They have all what we have in America like music, theater or the cinema, dance, museums, ex


Great Britain Constitutional monarchy, system of government in which a monarch (see monarchy) shares power with a constitutionally organized government.monarchy. Capital is London their Prime minister Theresa May their is Queen Elizabeth II the Chancellor Philip Hammond is a British Conservative Party politician


Lamb, cattle, game, various vegetables or fish and chips or Yorkshire putting


There flag is called The Union Jack, The flag is made up of three other flags England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The flag is a symbol of unity of Europe and a respect for individuality

Their museums have a big role in their culture for storing paintings artifacts and other things


England has a very cool accent a long with the other cultures around it.

The pub which is a name for a bar in England people interact with people by having a nice talk or starting a fight.


"Henry VIII was very much a conformist with regards to his beliefs. His main belief was that God had had created society as it was and that this society should not change or be challenged."

Witchcraft is wrong and only used by criminals


The U.K. Is made up for the main countries England ,Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Much England is very low, less than 1000 m with rolling hills a lot of grass make up the planes. The north and west part of England is more rugged in the highest place is Scafell Pike, 978m. In the south there is a place called chalk cliffs it's white.


The Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling Is the annual open for the people chased cheese and bring the Sprained ankles


Soccer is a is culture complex because it involves language, religion, history, daily life and economy


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