Los Lowriders Emma S. Barrientios Mexican American Cultural Center Virtual Programming

Los Lowriders presents and promotes Lowrider culture, which originated in Chicanx communities, and is still heavily associated with Mexican Americans. It remains a thriving subculture in Austin, Tx.

Los Lowriders

Watch how the pure elegance of Los Lowriders has impacted culture.

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  2. Parent Guide Ages 7-13 years
  3. Teaching Curriculum Ages 5-6 years
  4. Teaching Curriculum Ages 7-13 years

Class is now in session!

Time to engage the students by asking these questions.

  1. What do lowrider look like?
  2. How was the outside painted?
  3. Did the car have any special designs?
  4. What color was it?

Let's begin the activity!

Open up you lesson packet, all worksheets and templates are found there.

Here is an example of what worksheets look like!

Need help with the lesson, watch Mr. Futa explain how to complete Los Lowriders activity!

Did you Know that murals can be of anything, but often express the owner’s Mexican, Chicanx/Mexican-American, or Aztec/Mexica (indigenous/native people of Mexico) heritage.

Los Lowriders Supplies

  1. Worksheet (below) printed on plain paper in color. Alternatively you may like to just use the digital copy
  2. 1964 Impala Template printed on plain white paper or cardstock
  3. Coloring pencils, markers, and/or crayons
  4. Glue stick
  5. Glitter pen (optional)
  6. One plastic disposable fork
Lowriders with hydraulics have switches the driver can use to raise or lower the car in different ways. This is called “hittin’ switches” and can make the car dance or bounce. They even have contests to see who can make their car hop the highest!

Los Lowriders Vocabulary

  1. Candy Paint, Pearl Paint: Paint that is applied in a special process to make it very shiny.
  2. Flakes: Metal flakes in the paint that makes it look glittery.
  3. Mural: An artwork that is painted on a wall or other large surface.
  4. Paint job: The way a car is painted for decoration.
  5. Pattern: Part of an image that repeats over and over.
  6. Two-tone: Using two different shades of color, especially one light, one dark.Name used by many Americans of Mexican heritage to describe themselves,their identity and their culture. Also includes Chicano, Chicana, Xicano, Xicana.
  7. Cruising: Driving around for fun, often on a strip of road that others also cruise on.
  8. Mexican-American: An American of Mexican heritage and their culture.
Lowrider CultureThe way of life of people who turn their cars into lowriders and are part of the lowriding community.
Lowriders during Mexamericon at the ESB-MACC in 2019

JColunga Lowriders Show 2019 Austin, TX:

Curriculum Created by Futa Ofamo 'oni, ESB-MACC Arts Instructor

Created By
Olivia Tamzarian