Plateau Toastmasters Club Synopsis - 28 January 2020

"Information is Power" but sharing information makes it more powerful ! The Club President, TM Vyankoj, also the Toastmaster of the Evening, led SAGACIOUSLY a digital session starting from an online agenda to online voting ! the Go-Green objective is well in process !

Speakers v/s Speech Evaluators

Iven Madré - Soommayyah Jaulim - Rushil Nagawa

TM Iven had his feet firmly on the ground despite several mishaps and believed in himself to make it happen and the motto "Where there's a will, there's a way" helped him get through to where he is now ! His evaluator TM Meera recommended that he uses his tone more effectively !

DISA ! TM Soommayyah starts smiling after "hi.ing " a stranger and the smile can get contagious it seems ! that was her Direct approach.. but she also mentioned about Initiating, Supportive and Analytical Communication styles where somehow her boss gets her to do reports in tables ! Her Evaluator, and also the winning Evaluator for the night, DTM Sariff, commended, recommended and commended her performance !

"You better Fight" TM Rushil, the bubbly speaker and also the winning speaker for the night, from NewGen Toastmasters, threw some punches in the air, and with his fighting spirit, took the audience on a journey of self-awakening so as not to remain the one who suffers !

HIPPOPOTOMONSTROSESQUIPPEDALOPHOBIA? or SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS ?She sells seashells on the seashore of Seychelles ? TM Ishrat educated us all on the proper use of the English Language, from pronunicating properly, to enunciating our words and to elocution ! Session was over, the bell was ringing but no one noticed how time flew in this brilliant presentation as we were all engrossed in twisting our tongues, in our minds ! in the words of our guest Rushil from NewGen, "I wanted to thank you all for this excellent and insightful session where I got to witness the best TM speech I have ever seen and it 25 minutes long!"


Table Topics Master, TM Farhan had time to shoot only 3 questions centred around Information is Power !

Misinformation can lead to abuse of power - TM Roshan Seebaluck, also the winning Table Topics Speaker, convinced his audience of how misinformation can lead to malfeasance !

Power Corrupts but Absolute Power corrupts absolutely ! DTM Uma got corrupted in this sentence but she managed to walk free, head high !

Knowing is not enough ! DTM Leena Lollbeeharry explained that she's on her toes with her kiddo to teach her more !


Some misconceptions about being a DTM were cleared during the session, such as:-

The process of attaining DTM has become too easy. This is a wrong conception. The entire process is self-paced and integrity-based. There are standards to be met and you don't have to earn straight As. The whole process is about gaining experience and increasing your confidence.

A DTM should be able to speak like a professional speaker. Many DTMs in the world have never probably spoken in front of an audience. It's tough to be a pro even after 400 speeches !

A DTM should know everything there is to know about Toastmasters. A DTM award is not like a PHd. DTMs are encouraged to keep learning and serving but it's not a requirement that they know all the ins and outs of Toastmasters !

DTM Leena Lollbeeharry - June 2019

DTM Faizal Jaulim - June 2019

DTM Ridwaan Jaulim - October 2019

DTM Sariff Mungralee - December 2019


TM Divya, the Grammarian, was SAGACIOUS in her report and made sure that the word of the day was distinct and clear for the speakers to use that word often, which they did, indeed !

TM Subhiraj did not disappoint us once again in one of his funny deliveries as Ah-Counter and replacing himself with a fisherman, fishing for mmmmss, ahhhhss, etc...

TM Urshila was bang on time, succinct and made sure everyone stick to managing their time !

Last but not least, our General Evaluator for the day was TM Krishn, who did justice to the respective role by evaluating the whole session and providing tactful pointers on how we can improve ourselves at future sessions !

The Meeting ended 10 mins late but we all left, enriched, inspired and empowered with information while the guests were seriously delighted and can't wait to come back to our next session on 04th February 2020, to be TME'd by DTM Uma Nair !

Created By
Vyankoj Mulloo