Deakin Research Project - Teach The Teacher Ashby Primary School

Previously we have discussed the data collected from our questionnaire about your use of technology at home. If you want to look at the data again, click this link.

You told us that you are using lots of different technology at home and some of it is being used for learning. We (the teachers) were curious about what you thought was helping you learn and we want to know if it can be used at school to help us teach you.

So Now It's Your Turn To Teach The Teacher

What you need to do:

1. Choose an app or a website that you use at home that you believe helps you learn. It can be any app or website.

2. Make a presentation (how you present is up to you) convincing us why this app or website should be used at school.

You will need to tell us:

  • What the app or website is called
  • What you can learn with it
  • Why it should be used at school

You must include at least 3 reasons and give evidence to back up your reasons.

3. Create a video explaining how to use the app or website you have chosen.

You can do this using screen capture on your iPad. To find out how to use screen capture, ask an expert in the class or tap on this link to find out.

Make sure you include all of the important parts of the app or website, and don't forget to show us about the parts that will help your learning at school.

4. Present to your teacher.

5. If you can think of another app or website that we would benefit from knowing about. Start the process again with that app or website.


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