395 West Main Malone, NY

An 8th Grade Integrated Community Action Project

Please use the resources at this site to learn about the history of Main Street in Malone, New York, and a recent issue facing the residents of Malone.

The Issue:

Along Malone's Main Street are many historic buildings. One such building is currently in a very unstable state, and many are concerned that this building will fall at any time. The building is located at a key point on Main Street; along a bridge, overlooking the Salmon River. In addition, a main sewer line for the Village of Malone is situated in the river at the base of the building. Should the building fall into the river, the sewer line would likely be covered by debris, or be completely ruined. The worst case scenario would be that the sewage leaks into the river if the building falls. Below is a chart created by students in Mrs. Trombley's Math Class showing the rate of sewage that would potentially flow into the river should this main sewage artery break open.

The rate of sewage that would flow into the Salmon River should the main sewer artery break open when the building falls.

Our Job:

As members of the Malone community, it is our job to make our politicians aware of this issue using historical, scientific, and mathematic facts regarding OUR TOWN and this very important issue.

Please use the resources at this site to learn more about Malone, the building (395 West Main Street), and the issue that we face. The images below have been taken from a website provided by a resident of Malone, Dr. Calvin Luther Martin, Ph. D., History.

Images of 395 Main Street

Malone History Resources

Malone, NY 12953
Engineer, Mr. John MacArthur presenting to students on April 24th, 2015

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