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πŸ“š Anitya Press publishes limited runs of cultural titles, including 'Nepal: The Secret Treasure', The Ancient Talesβ„’ series for children, and 'Autentica Cuba: An Island Nation. Anitya Press titles provide readers with worldwide tales that have been preserved through oral tradition. The press also provides educational publishing services and book cover designing for both independent and established authors. Please contact us with any questions, or to special order one of our titles in a hardback edition.
* The most definitive list of Anitya Press (digital) titles in one place with immediate purchasing. Please contact the press to special order hardback copies.

Newest Release

* This special edition and newly released book was created by Bay Area award-winning author Lisa L. Schoonover, who traveled to Cuba in order to conduct research for the book. The book is receiving accolades for its subject matter as well as its images of the island itself. Hardcover copies are available at Octopus Literary Salon in Uptown (Oakland) for a limited time only. Digital copies can be ordered through iTunes. Hardback copies are available in select Bay Area book stores as limited press runs, or can be special ordered directly through the press.
**SPCA Fundraiser: This beautifully illustrated book has won awards for its unique graphics and is available in both digital (online here) and special order print formats. The proceeds from purchase of this limited edition fundraiser - available only through the holidays - will be donated to the SPCA 🐢. Of course, you are free to browse the site and our other titles as well.
An Aboriginal tale about the origin of time and the mythical woman who controls it.
A sacred poem written by ancient scribes from the Egyptian Book of Days.
πŸ’  Anitya Press books are distributed through iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble & select educational publishers. A portion of the proceeds are donated to literacy programs.
An ancient account of the Aurora Australis over Antarctica.
πŸ“• The Ancient Talesβ„’ series is fantastic, my children love it! I also introduced The Indigo Butterfly to my book group, and they loved it-it has been the best book that we have read yet to-date."
What is the ancient culture of Nepal like? Find out firsthand from the author, who spent time in this former Himalayan kingdom.
πŸŽ“ "As an educator, I like having access to cultural materials that break from the norm, and I trust a publisher who already has the necessary experience and a strong educational background."
Secrets of the Oracle of Delphi are revealed.
πŸ“– "I've used Anitya Press for several publishing projects and have never been let down. I love the work done every time."
πŸ“ "My company worked with the press on many literacy projects - a particular interest of theirs - that turned out great."
An ancient rainbow tale from the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i.
✈️ "I am a travel writer, and I find it refreshing that the author actually travels to the places she writes about and doesn't rely on the Internet for research. It creates a more personal connection.
πŸ“‹ Publisher's professional page & information:
A Mesoamerican Creation Tale about the Mayan Tree of Life.
πŸ““ "The books are so imaginative! Both of the Nepal books were recommended to me by another writer, and I'm glad they did!"
πŸŽ‡ "I am constantly impressed with the quality and standards of the work. I have never been let down by the press' publisher.
Photojournal from the author's journey to meet a Nepalese wisewoman.
☺️ "I can't wait until the next book comes out! I love these books!"
πŸŽ‰ E-news Curation:
Age-old recipes created with spices traded along the ancient Spice Road.
πŸ““"We incorporated this book into our cooking curriculum, and students loved making the recipes and learning about spices."
πŸ’ This book was originally created for a fundraiser and has been re-released as a special order softcover book, available only at Laurel Bookstore in Oakland.
This award-winning children's book from the Anitya Press Ancient Talesβ„’ Series explores murals that once existed throughout different neighborhoods in Oakland, CA. This book is a limited edition fundraiser available in print only at:
πŸŒ€ All photography, artwork, and materials are the sole property of Anitya Press Books. We create every book from concept-print.
🐸 This book is a special order only (PDF) - query press.
A boy and his father spend a day in the Renaissance city of Florence, Italy.
🐬 Author-created cover art, photography, and digital media.
Original author-created artwork & photography.
🐚 Inspirational travel photography from real-life sources.
🌸 The Ancient Talesβ„’ series was featured at the Hay House 'I Can Do It' conference in Pasadena, California.
πŸ“’Anitya Press partners with book clubs, schools, literacy programs, educational publishers, businesses, libraries, volunteer organizations & other community organizations.
πŸ’» Professional Book Cover Creation Services also offered.
Anitya Press professional educational publishing projects.
🌹 Partnerships that last a lifetime...
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