Building of the future. To survive global warming.

125,ooo years ago sea levels were six to nine metres higher.Suggesting that the world will see significant increases over the next centuries as the water slowly expands and ice sheets slowly melt.The last time ocean temperatures were this warm,sea levels were nine metres higher.It was described as 'extremely worrying' by one expert.

They revealed that over the course of 4,ooo years the oceans have got o.5C warmer, reaching about the same temperatures as are found now,after a similar increase achieved largely as a result of human-induced climate change in little over a century.

This might be our future in a few centuries.
Or this.

Globle warming is already happening but severe globle warming such as severe droughts and some seas drying up,is the most probable cause in the future.It might not be as severe as the photo but might have the same effects.Globle warming could have two effects there could be severe floods or a scorched earth.For most places,globle warming will result in more frequent hot days and fewer cool days, with the greatest warming occurring over land.Longer, more intense heat waves will become more common. Storms, floods and droughts will generally be more severe as precipitation patterns change. Hurricanes may increase in intensity due to warmer ocean surface temperature.

This is an example.

My building is going to be something very similar to picture at the beginning.If the world floods over but if the world decides to have severe droughts and dry out or the most probable cause would be for the sea to rise and severe killer storms to arise. Which is why my idea would be great if it worked.We already have technology to make something like this.For example submarines use air pockets to float or trains use magnetic fields,thats why they go so fast because there's no frictions.Or we could use buois to keep it afloat or something called Quentomlocking were you can adjust any object at any angle.

Thinking on the basis of globle the most probable cause by the sound of it,would be that most coastal places and even islands such as England or Ireland will be reduced or even submerged by water due to severe storms which means lots of heavy rain,and sea levels rising.The best case would be that we find a way to work with the the sea levels rising and severe storms.

My brain storm showing some of the changes in the future.
My reaserch plan.
Here is an annotation of my design.
Here is the interior view.
Here is another annation
Another annotation
And a final annotation.

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