Ben Davis AP Studio Art Portfolio 2020-2021

Art has been engraved in my DNA since the day I was born. From my early childhood, my father has shared his lifelong love for drawing with me and my sister. I was fascinated by how meticulous his works could be and that someone could perfect the talent to do such a thing. I began messing around in our home’s art room as early as I could walk, and never looked back.

Throughout my time at Delbarton, I’ve battled depression and anxiety, and often found no motivation for anything. Art was one of the only things that could intrigue me during this time, and I held on to that love. When I was diagnosed with ADD, my lack of attentiveness for reading and writing, in contrast to my love for hands-on visual arts, made much more sense. I’m continuously captivated by the freedom and expression that art holds and use that to fuel my artistic energy. Art is an outlet for me. Whether it is simple doodles in a notebook or complex drawings in different mediums, art is a way for me to reflect and express my feelings.

For my Sustained Investigation, I merged the two things that are incredibly important to me that I do on a daily basis - rowing and studio art. My images detail a day in the life of a rower and the beautiful complexity of the sport. I have illustrated several aspects of the sport such as the equipment, the athletes, and the different motions of the boat. Each image is developed through various techniques and processes involving mixed media.

Throughout my investigation, I have attempted to show just how much this sport means to me, as seen through the prism of creating art. I hope that you become as enamored as I am.

"Morning Start" Mixed Media on Paper, 13.5" x 20"
"Hanging Oars" Mixed Media on Paper, 19" x 11"
"Boathouse" Mixed Media on Paper, 11" x 16.5"
"Up Close" Mixed Media on Paper, 17" x 11"
"Docking" Mixed Media on Paper, 8" x 17"
"Ready at The Catch" Digital Media, 11" x 20"
"Blade in and Drive" Digital Media, 11" x 19"
"Gather at the Finish" Digital Media, 14" x 22"
"Double Motion" Diptych, Mixed Media on Paper, 10.5" x 12.5"