4A11 Billy Duffner

How I came to america

My name is Billy Brown. I came from Ireland and now I live in Austen Texas. And now I am a construction worker. I have 1 dog. Now I am 70 years old. My trip to america was hard because we did not have bathrooms so we had to use buckets. I wanted to come her to have a new life and for freedom. When I came her they had to put a hook in my eye lid called a buttenhook and if you had trachoma and if you did they would mark you with a piece of chalk and later you would have to come back to have more tests. Thank goodness I did not have trachoma because you would go back to were you came from on the other side of the world. The tests I got were not that hard. I always wanted to see the statue of liberty so one time early in the morning I here someone say land ho! So I was so happy to see america and the statue of liberty.

This is a foggie river

This used to be a castle and now it is some bricks and grass

This is a light house in the middle of the ocean.

This is a castle.

  • The statue of liberty is stepping on a chain and that stands for freedom
  • The seven rays stand for the seven contanents and seven seas
  • the tablet is a symbol for the law and goverment
  • It was a gift from France
  • My favorite part was getting pictures
  • My other favorite part was making up your fake life about coming to Elise Island
  • My favorite part was making the slide show


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