Immigration by:Cesar sanchez

Im with immigration because when they deport the people they dont think on the families they think we all criminals but they are not well some are.This is not effecting the people is effecting the economy because the people is not going to stores that much because they are afraid of going outside and been deported.Im being affected because my parents are immigrants well my whole family so and that affects me because if they deport my family how im going to live or with im going to go that is what i think.My whole family is being affected my friends to there parents are immigrants.

This was affecting people actually the white people the most for the immigration act wich that law was bringing immigrants for work and to bring families together but the white people where feeling uncomfrtable.Nope this issues are not the same.

Maybe deportation or immigration will not even be mentioned or even been seen and they would have the rights to go travel around the world when ever they want or borders would not exist.

Cesar Chavez helped immigrants to fight for there rights to not be treated like trash because the white people had control of everything.The fight is never about grapes or lettuces it is always about people.Preservetion of ones own culture does not require contempt or disrespect other cultures.

I can talk to a teacher or help the people to contact lawyers or something like that or take alot of people to the president next meeting and yell as hard as you can so he can hear you.


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