Fitness For Fun improve your motor skills

Today you will be learning how to improve your athletic ability and be able to play basic games with learned skills.

Content Standard: Motor Skills

Standard 1: The student demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

Benchmark 1: The student will demonstrate mature movement patters of locomotion, manipulation of objects, and rhythmic concepts.

Today in class we will be getting a start on covering these goals. You will be working in groups of 4 in most activities, and in partners of 2 in other activities.

(A). The student will be able to use mature form on the following skills: Throw, Catch, Kick, Dribble with hands, dribble with feet, strike with feet, and Volley.

Today in class you will be working on the skills with a soccer ball and a football.

Watch these youtube videos on how to throw and pass a football, and dribble, pass, and shoot a soccer ball. When done find a partner and practice these skills.

(B) Develops and refines a creative dance into a repeatable pattern

Click on the link above to read about a few of the many different types of dances. When done gather up in groups of 4-5 students and start to choreograph a 1-2 minute dance.

(C) Jumps and lands for height and distance using a mature form

(Watch both videos)

Long jump and High jump are very exciting events in Track and Field. These skills can also be used to help improve your overall performance in many other sports. In order to be successful in these events a lot of leg strength and form is needed. Complete 10 squats, 5 jumping squats, and a 20 second wall sit at this station.

(D) Transfers and supports body weight on upper body

Being able to support your own weight is not just important in athletics but is important for overall health. Having a strong, balanced core will allow you to complete athletics as well as daily task at a maximum efficiency. Sit-ups, Push-ups, and pull-ups are all great ways to help strengthen your core and allow you to support your body weight with your upper body. At this station complete 20 push-ups. (Your nose should touch the ground and your arms should be fully extended while your elbows are locked in order for it to be a complete pushup.)

(E) Demonstrates the ability to change direction quickly while the body is in motion

Ability and range of motion is very important to be successful in athletics. Click on the link below. Click the bottom arrow at the pop up and it will take you to the skills home page. Here you will see videos as well as written explanations on different drills and how they can help your performance. With your group advance through all the different skills you see on this page.

Today we started covering the basics of all the objectives. Throughout the next few class periods you will continue to work in your groups to perfect these motor skills.


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