screamcloud Philadelphia, PA

The earliest beginnings of screamcloud took place in Brooklyn, but the band finally gained traction after Emily Daly (Baritone guitar/vox), Danielle Lovier (Bass) and Josh Curry (guitar) moved to Philadelphia and met drummer Charlie Eamon. After spending a summer perfecting their sound, a blend of harsh and soft elements best described as "anxiety rock," they recorded their debut EP at the end of 2018. "Artificial Flavors" is named after one of the band's favorite songs. It starts off as a seemingly standard rock song but gradually descends into chaos and noise, reflecting the frustration in the lyrics: "And all these things I see, and all these things I feel/ You say they're not real, just chemistry/ But that doesn't do me any favors/ 'Cause artificial flavors taste the same to me".

Debut Ep Out 2/8/19

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