Smallpox A Fatal Disease

Smallpox is a disease that has been around for centeries, it lasts for many weeks and may be fatal...

Smallpox Virus

Smallpox is caused by a virus called Variola Major. It is spread by breathing in and out little droplets of it, and direct contact with somebody infected.

2-4 days after getting infected by the virus the victum developes a rash an their skin. 10-12 days after getting infected the victum gets a high fever and aches. Then the rash gets even worse.

Smallpox helped the Europeans in many ways, such as they accidentaly killed many Native American and they also used it a biological weapon agianst Native Americans.

During the French and Indian Wars (1754-63) the British decided to use smallpox as a weapon. They took contaminated blankets and gave them to the Native Americans.

The Europeans benefitted alot from this, many Native Americans were affected.

Smallpox was a disease that affected many Native Americans. The Europeans were immune to the disease by the time they came to America but the Americans had never seen a disease like this.

The Native Americans got very sick, and many died wich helped the Europeans win the battles.

Today the US and British government have been vacinating people in case of an attack where smallpox is used as a biological weapon.


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