SMU Class of COVID 2021: Grace Moody finance & economics major, 21

"It surprises me every single day that in about a week I will be graduating...it is all so crazy." - Grace Moody

Grace Moody, class of 2021, right

by Quinn McClanahan

Grace Moody is one week away from no longer being a college student.

When the first COVID-19 cases showed up in the United States, she was halfway through her junior year.

The COVID-19 pandemic that dominated 2020 has unsurprisingly bled into 2021, and SMU’s very own “Class of COVID” seniors have been forced to adapt.

Grace Moody has done a fabulous job.

Although this year looked more different than anyone could have predicted, she is wrapping up her senior year at SMU with a full-time job offer, a new Dallas apartment, and a lot of coffee.

After originally being sent back to her home to Honolulu, Hawaii, from spring break last year, Grace had to adapt to classes starting at 4 a.m. and extremely strict COVID-19 guidelines that emphasized staying indoors.

Grace’s sister Mimi says that Grace had to find a balance between staying safe and healthy while also continuing to live her life when she was home in Honolulu.

Grace, SMU class of 2021, and her little sister Mimi, SMU class of 2024, in Honolulu.

Back in Dallas now and one week away from a Cox diploma and a month-long vacation, there certainly seems to be a light at the end of the COVID-19-tunnel for Grace.

Grace Moody and friends at her home in Honolulu, Hawaii.


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