AVID's IMPACT School CLImate & Culture

AVID Schoolwide works through transforming four key domains of operations: Instruction, Systems, Leadership, and Culture. By focusing on these domains, AVID’s philosophy and methodologies become deeply ingrained, and the benefits of AVID are widely experienced.

Selected Research Studies that Prove AVID's Impact

  • This case study features a high-poverty middle school in South Carolina, where the school’s leadership team and principal enacted AVID strategies to turn the school around to improve both student engagement and academic achievement.
  • The principal and leadership team “AVIDized” the school successfully by utilizing leadership strategies systematically to implement schoolwide reform, resulting in an increase in student achievement.
  • AVID was used by the school to effectively change its culture to one that embraced the philosophy that all students can achieve, given the right supports, which in turn solidified the school’s identity as a “family”.
  • Cultural capital is a social construct, influenced by dominant cultural norms and values, which can be developed anywhere over time. It is a resource that can give students various social, economic, and educational advantages; however, it is argued by the author that it is unequally distributed.
  • The AVID system is examined in this report as a mechanism in which educators and communities can use in order to best support students, particularly those lacking in social and academic supports.
  • This study examines relationships between AVID implementation and school culture and climate and between AVID professional development and teachers' perceptions of whether AVID has had an impact on their schools' culture and climate.
  • Findings indicate that teachers from mature AVID schools reported higher levels of school culture and climate.
  • AVID provides a venue for sharing ideas, values, and beliefs.
  • This study examines the relationship between AVID professional development and teacher leadership.
  • AVID professional development has a positive impact on teacher leadership.
  • Teacher leadership increases as teachers get more, and varying, types of AVID professional development.

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