February 2017

LP4Y program with Colgate in Tondo, Philippines

A fruitful collaboration between an international company and our organization : in the Philippines, Colgate and LP4Y partnered to provide free dental care in the slums of Tondo, Philippines to the young people, and later organized games as a team building project.

A video presentation of this partnership was made:

Young interns in our programs were trained as project managers to lead these projects, which actively contributed to their inclusion in the professional world.

Colgate reinforced its positive image and LP4Y helped improve the youth education on dental hygiene, and emphasized the importance of a good appearance.

This partnership continues and Colgate supports LP4Y in many different ways.

LP4Y Annual Gala: March 2nd 2017

LP4Y Annual Gala: meet Reandro Recto, young graduate and success story of LP4Y

Reandro Recto will be one of our guest speakers at the Gala night on March 2nd in New York.

Reandro was born to a joyful family of 12 in the Philippines in 1991. When he was 5 years old, his mother died in a pedicab accident. He then grew up with his father, who started to drink heavily. As the relationship with his family became tense, he started to spend more time on the streets, amongst beggars, drug users, and prostitutes. Along with his younger brother, he joined the TNK Foundation in 1998, and was able to continue his studies and find a warm shelter. Unfortunately, when his father passed away, he dropped everything and went back to living on the streets.

He eventually joined an LP4Y program, where he had to follow the rules, learn a job and do all the activities required. He found the program overwhelming at the beginning, but he was finally able to regain control of his life. Thanks to LP4Y, he learned valuable skills and managed to get a job!

He is now a successful Global Operations Support at CGI, in Manila, and the President of the Stars Club Foundation in Manila, a club for graduates of Professional Training for Entrepreneurs who are now professionally active and integrated. STARS Club members want to play their part and work with coaches to help the teams in each program to progress.

His motto: “Life is full of happiness”

The LP4Y Portrait: Laure Delaporte

President and Co-Founder of LP4Y, Laure Delaporte, 56 years old, lives in Mumbai, India. She dedicates all her time to LP4Y, and will be guest of honor at the LP4Y USA Annual Gala on March 2nd 2017.

What do you remember most about when you were young?

I was fortunate enough to be born in a family of 5 children. I was the youngest sibling, with older brothers and sisters who have always been present, even when they no longer lived at home. My parents were also very close to us. They raised us with trust, dialogue, and accountability throughout our infant and teenage years. This is the type of childhood that we have tried to pass on to our 5 children.

How did you realize the importance of inclusion ?

Rather late, because I lived in quite a privileged world for a long time. It was during a trip around the world as a family in 2008/2009 that I became aware of this. We met young people begging, prostituting themselves and using drugs in the big cities of Asia and Africa, but we also met young people who were trying to survive on the streets.

When we started to speak with them, we felt a genuine urge to share, to learn, and to change their outlooks on life. It is in Dakar, chatting with young shoe shiners, that we realized the mission of what would become LP4Y: to guide youth towards a decent world and empower them to realize their dreams.

What are your hopes for LP4Y?

We would like to pursue our mission to serve excluded youth, while keeping the spirit of positive entrepreneurship that has inspired all of us since the creation of LP4Y. I am impressed with the extraordinary teamwork, not only on site with an outstanding team of volunteer professionals, but also with all the volunteers who have been involved in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Luxemburg, Belgium, France, and the United States.

They are the advocates for the young people who are teaching us every day what resilience and courage mean, and also genuine ambassadors who carry the message to all people, organizations and companies who wish to join forces with us in this crusade.

We are very aware that the task is endless, and that we will only manage to accompany these young people if we can find solutions to do it together.

Together we can !

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