War of the Roses

The War of the Roses was a civil war fought in England over which of two families were the true heir to the throne.

the two houses in question were the house of York, which is represented with a white rose, and the house of Lancaster, which was represented with a red rose, these houses were formed by Henry VI and Edward IV

Richard III was guilty of killing his nephews, he was always described as a cruel, and sadistic, his young nephews were the only thing keeping him from the throne. He took them to the Tower of London and that's what was last ever heard or seen of them.

The lost princes.

Richard III was killed in the battle of Bosworth field by Henry Tudor and Henry is declared the new king.

Henry Tudor belonged in a family who was part of the house of Lancaster. Henry was a descendant of Edward III which gave him the right to the throne, he eventually married Elizabeth of York, uniting the houses of York and Lancaster.


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