Good Life at the FLMNH Kaitlyn Swahlan

Nature on Display

This exhibit was particularly appealing to me because it make me feel like I was outside in nature in Florida. I grew up in Florida, so I have a lot of fond memories of being outside. It captured my attention instantly when I walked inside, as there were so many details so making it look realistic, and even the sounds I could hear sounded like memories in Florida. I learned about many different types of trees and species of animals that would not have been as interesting I had had to read about them in a book. There were lots of interactive ways to learn in the museum, too, such as having to roll over a log in order to read facts. I found it so enjoyable because I know that I could bring my little cousins there and they would not only learn a lot, but would also have a ton of fun while doing it. It inspires me to want to continue making learning fun and an adventure for kids.

Nature and Ethics

The museum did make me feel like Leopold recommends, as I felt very much a part of the land, and not so much a conqueror of it. As I was walking through the many different exhibits, I felt like I was a part of my surroundings. I sensed a sort of peace in the place, as if the creators were not trying to manipulate nature at all, but to portray it as it really is and to educate, making you a part of the bigger picture. As I walked through the museum, I thought about how majestic nature is and how that beauty is rarely appreciated for what it really is. Often times, people look at nature as a way to either harvest its benefits or destroy it in order to make room for themselves. As I looked around, I saw that children were running around excitedly reading the facts and touching as many things as they could. Older people were walking around quietly and thoughtfully. It was interesting to watch other people's reactions. It allowed all people to connect with nature in this way, as there were things to listen to, things to touch, caves to explore, and sounds to be heard by pressing buttons. This experience did instill in me an ethical responsibility to appreciate the land more in order to better conserve it, and not to only see it for how it can serve me.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This museum helped me step out of my perspective by allowing me to feel as though I could go anywhere and become anyone. One example of this could be seen in the ocean exhibit. There were tons of tiny details in order to help you feel as though you are actually in the sea, such as blue lights shining everywhere, fish and seaweed overhead, and a wave-like atmosphere. This helped me to better understand the mystery of nature because the ocean floor is a great mystery to many people, and it is not easily accessible. It allowed my imagination to go wild as I pondered what it would be like to be a small fish in the middle to the ocean. It also scaled everything very largely so that it looks like you are a small fish, which gives a perspective that I would otherwise never be able to have. The allows people to be able to think playfully and enjoy nature in ways that they may never had been able to do before.

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