Canbury School Newsletter 30th November 2018. issue 143

Dear Parents and Visitors

We know Christmas is well and truly on its way with the arrival of the Canbury Christmas stag. He is majestic in the school hall and has given us all a tingly feeling as we become ready to embrace the festive season.

Anders is deer-fin-itely getting into the Christmas spirit.

I am very much looking forward to my annual trip with Year 7 to select the best Christmas tree for the school from Richmond Park on Monday morning. I must check with Mr Adams just how big a tree we can fit in the hall because our Year 7 students have very 'tall' expectations for our tree.

We will be welcoming our Senior Citizens to Canbury for their Christmas Afternoon Tea on Thursday 13th December at 2pm. They will enjoy tea, coffee, sandwiches and cake with maybe a sherry or two.

As last year, we are asking for gifts for our visitors, such as chocolates, soaps etc. We know our guests welcome this thoughtful gesture as they leave our school at the end of the afternoon. If you would kindly wrap them and put which gender they are for, we would be really grateful .

Later on that same day we will be sitting down to enjoy the annual Canbury Pantomime. It's a favourite of mine (oh yes it is!) and I urge you all to make sure you get here early as seats always go early (oh yes they do!). Rehearsals for "A real Christmas Cracker" are well underway. We're all in for a treat.

Tonight our Year 10 Performing Arts students are attending The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the Piccadilly Theatre with Ms Scott as part of their BTEC course. I am looking forward to hearing their views about the performance on Monday.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Zac for getting 100% on parallel again this weekend.

All of Year 7 for a fantastic Wellbeing lesson on Monday.

Year 8

Harry L for success of 20 year 8 Mathematics skills.

Shaaiyon for answering 6,500 questions on ixl.com since he joined the school in 2017! That's incredible Shaaiyon.

Alannah for her excellent and attractive Biology assignment on plants.

Jack for very sporting and supportive behaviour in the inter school cross country competition on Thursday.

Year 9

Oskar and Armani for their general diligence and help with our 'trolley on a track' Core Practical in Physics.

Year 10

Drew for her jaw-droppingly astonishing perception in English.

Joe for showing excellent enthusiasm towards his BTEC Sport qualification.

Joe again for attending the weekly History and English GCSE clinics.

Year 11

All of the GCSE English class for their Spoken English Presentations….despite their nerves. Luca’s was particularly well researched and clearly and confidently delivered - with no notes.

Felix P for a fantastic effort on the proportion assessment. He made sensible attempts at very difficult questions and a great result.

Ijaaz for his excellent work in English this week.

Luca for his outstanding assessed oral presentation in English.


This week Year 7 learnt about 4 figure grid references and OS map symbols in their lesson. Year 8 explored which countries have the biggest CO2 emissions in relation to climate change and Year 9 understood what a life of poverty is like in Ghana.


Adam with his record-breaking copper sulfate crystals.


KS5/5 went off to Wimbledon this week for a squash session. Mr Barnett got stuck in too!

The 14th Canbury Invitation Cross Country KS3 run took place in Richmond Park on Thursday.

We were really lucky with the weather - in the end it was almost balmy, and more importantly no rain at all for the Canbury runners and others from Surbiton High, Kensington Park, Moon Hall and The Moat School.

Canbury students found the going tough in the 70 strong field: Kiran was up at the front but started to get pushed about. Lucas who has been running well was under the weather and still managed 32nd just ahead of Ross in 33rd. Our highest placed runner was Adam who was 30th in a time of 9m 22s - very well done.

A very big thank you to all the LSAs for their help marshaling the route and to Mr Barnes who ran at the back. Extra thanks to Ms Ross for all her help setting up and clearing away at the end of the afternoon.

The photo of the start - taken by Ms Knivett - has been filtered using an online graphics editor. Clever eh?!

Can you spot the Canbury runners?

Wowza Caitlin! She has had a recent swimming record validated for The Americas by the Down Syndrome International Swimming Organisation. It’s not been a great week for Caitlin as she is unwell, so we hope this news has cheered her up a little.

Caitlin strikes again.

On-line safety

This morning, we had our School Police Liaison Officer in to talk to Years 10/11 about being safe on-line. She also spoke to them about the dangers around sending, posting or receiving explicit images and they were shown a ten minute presentation which I sincerely hope has given them all something to think about. I would encourage you, difficult as it can be, to ask them about what they saw today and what they think about this difficult issue.

Years 10 and 11 had a thought-provoking talk today from our School Police Liaison Officer.


Meet the member of staff

In which we take five minutes out of our busy day to find out a bit more about a member of the Canbury family. This week it's the turn of Learning Support Assistant Miss Robinson. Her dinner party choices are inspired - and we take a tip from her about a good way to unwind.

Miss Robinson. Less dramatic now than when she was 11....

That's not a Surrey accent - where are you from originally and why are you here?

I’m originally from Colorado, USA. I came here as a child with family.

We all know the perfect Christmas doesn't exist - that's too tall an order - but if it did, what would yours look like?

LOTS of snow, a fire, hot food/drinks, somewhere out in the wilderness and surrounded by my family.

One thing which you think works really well at Canbury?

The support for both students and staff.

Best holiday you have EVER been on?

Road-trip to Wisconsin from Colorado with my family.

Place you would most like to visit?

Mayan ruins in Mexico.

Three people you would love to sit down with at a dinner party?

Socrates, Simon Baron-Cohen and Robin Williams.

An English psychologist, an American actor and a classical Greek philosopher - Simon Baron-Cohen, Robin Williams and Socrates: Miss Robinson's ideal dinner party guests.

Best way to de-stress?

Space and mindfulness.

What would you tell your 11 year old self if you could meet her?

Don’t be so dramatic - ha ha.

Love or loathe "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here"?

Loathe, not my cup of tea.





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