The Revolutions by wyatt johnson

First revolution

When did it occur? 11,000 years ago.

What did humans do? Farming, planting and taming animals for farming.

How did it change the way the lived? higher population better fed, could support the communities with food.

What was some of the first crops grown? corn, potatoes, wheat, and soybeans.

People worked hard and fed a lot of people. They didnt have tractors so it all had to be done by hand


Second Revolution

When did this occur? 1856

What changes happened to farming? Machinery was taking a big roll instead of manual labor. Different way of harvesting and planting crops.

Farming changed the way the work was done instead of back braking work they invented tractors and harvesters.


Third Revolution

When did it occur? 1900s

What changes happen to farming? Gas and diesel engines were invented. Not as many farm workers. Increased yields.

Tractors and and different types of equipment was invented and people could work easier and not harder.



What are Genetically Modified Organisms? Organisms that people changed the DNA of the crops and animals.

How did they change farming? Had faster effects on crops and animals. Made different types of crops. Different DNA in crops and animals.

What are pros and cons of GMOs? Pro-faster plant growth. Con-DNA change in plants and animals. Pro- different types of plants and animals. Con-pesdsides used on crops.

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