Natural Museum Experience by James Monahan


Going to the natural museum with my friend Chris was not something we were interested in. However, the experience was more enjoyable than we thought. In the museum there were many different sections. There was the butterfly garden, Florida marine life and extinct fossils. Through these different section has presented nature differently. The Butterfly garden presented the ethics questions. The Florida marine life surrounded visitor with environment of the nature. The extinct fossils have given me my spirit animal.

Nature On Display

Florida marine life have many small exhibit that was created to stimulate the natural ecosystem. The one that I really liked was the bridge that showcased the fishes underwater. Walking through this exhibit the whole room was darken to stimulate the deep sea where the light can no longer reach. As you follow the trail there are underwater lifeforms on both side of you. some fishes are commonly see others are weird as they could possibly come.

under the sea

Nature and Ethics

Through out the butterfly garden many ethic question arose. First ethic question I have come to is the gallery of butterflies. Even know it is for research purposes there was frame after frame of butterfly that was killed to be presented on the wall. Another problem was the butterfly was trapped in the containers where that is all the space they have to fly around. One good ethic thing was bring the endangered species back as the their natural habitat was destroyed. Seeing the beautiful butterfly did not bring joy but rather brought sadness as their habitat is being destroyed and they are forced to small container for the rest of their lives.

Nature and Human Spirit

Megalodon is my spirit animal ever since I was little. Thinking about this predator from million of years ago help me to believe that I am more than just another insignificant human being. This majestic beast was feared by other all around it and it took whatever it pleases. This predator teaches me not to follow the steps of others all around me but rather do what I want to do in my life. Some may find me weird to have megalodon as my spirit animal but this majestic predator help me realize that I need to work for what I want in life instead of following others around me like a sheep.

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