The story of Sassy and Danso Friends

In December of 2014 we said goodbye to our beloved dog of fourteen years, Max. My husband, Jeff, and I were devastated. Our first family dog, he grew up with our kids and he was like another child to us. We cried the ugly cry the day he passed and promptly made a shrine to honor his memory that reverently hangs in our great room today.

Sassy surveying the old cabin location at the Grove.

Enjoying the freedoms of not having young children or a dog to tie us down but missing our Max, a year later we started toying with the idea of bringing another animal into our home. We thought about fostering a dog to see if we did, in fact, want a "dog" lifestyle all over again.

We started talking about breed types and what we wanted. I had always wanted a chocolate lab. Then, one day, Jeff said his friend's mom had a dog, a chocolate lab mix, that they were going to take to the animal shelter. Unsure of what this would mean for us, we decided to take a chance and just go meet her.

We adopted Sassy in June of 2015 at the age of 2 to 2-1/2. She was living with a family who adopted her from the animal shelter two months prior and we were told she wasn't getting along well with their five year old Weimaraner.

She was tentative around Jeff and I. Fearful. I got on the floor and sat and she eventually came to me. It was clear this dog needed a home. She needed medical treatment for a closed eyelid, scarring around her eye where she scratched and, boy, she was very timid. She came to us with nothing except her collar and tags so we immediately took her shopping to buy her toys and food.

The next day, we made her an appointment at the veterinarian. We got the news that she had an ulcerated cornea and that she may have a congenital defect that caused her eyelashes to grow in toward her eye. Surgery could be in her future! The first course of treatment was a round of medication. Within two days her eye opened and within another two weeks all the scarring was clear! What a pretty girl. :-)

Sassy at "The Cabin" Labor Day 2015
Danso, 9 months. First appointment with the vet. :-)
Danso playing in our yard. She loves tennis balls.
Sassy celebrates Interdependence Day with a flag bandanna.
My chocolate UGA fan. Go Dawgs!
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