Blog The tear thief


Years and years have gone by of adventures I have had collecting tears.Ages and ages I've been waiting for this moment to come. The moon was brighter, bigger and bolder than EVER!

As I walked past one house I could hear one young pretty girl tell her mother to look at the moon and how shiny like crystals it was.

Tonight I have never been so joyful and happy in my whole entire never ending life.

As I am sitting on top of mountain everast to get as close to the moon as possible I'm thinking of how hard I've tried and how far it's taken me to get the moon as bright.

I am so glad I signed up for this job I've made the world a brighter future . The amount of different emotional tears I have collected you would not believe there was so many colours that existed.

Here are some colours of tears and what emotion they are:









Chocolate brown:ill🤒

That is not all but they are the main ones that you see.

Some people I feel sorry for. Once there was someone crying because of hunger because they were homeless.

That person lived in a cardboard box so I decided to make a wooden hut for them so that made them nice and warm.

I would tell you a lot more story's but they are very long ones,so I'll talk to you tomorrow .

Goodbye for now.🖐🏻😋

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