Psychodynamics accept a few of Freud's basic ideas. One of Freud's major ideas neo-freudians are in agreement with is the Id, Ego, and Superego.

The Id concerns the part of the unconscious mind that is selfish and driven by the present. Ego relates to a balance between Id and superego. It has a driving sense of compromise. Superego is the internalized values and beliefs that each individual is instilled with such as pride.

My Id sometimes surfaces when it came to little things. Like the previous picture- I clearly did not want to share my colored easter egg with my brother. But in hand, my Id does not control my being. In this picture I was proud of the creation my bother had made me. I was so proud of it I slept in the shirt he gifted me with for about a week. I refused to let my mom wash it.

Alfred Adler- one of the more well known psychodynamics- explains a social tension that could have potential to shape a personality. He calls this force the inferiority complex. The inferiority complex states that an individual may strive for superiority and power if a feeling of inferiority was present as a child. As a lifeguard it is a part of my job to speak to adults and children as if we are on the same level. It is required to present yourself as an equal to the children so they do not feel such an inferiority that can reflect negatively later on down the road.

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