Floridas climate By ZACH

Florida's climate

Florida's climate is hot and rainy because it is surrounded by the gulf of mexio and the atlantic ocean.


A drought could start by dry weather and it could cause serious problems like crop damage and no water supply.

Thunderstorms impact Florida in different ways

thunderstorms occur in the warm season when the wind of the sea flows.

Hurracaines impact Florida all the time

Hurracaines impact Florida when the tropics are surrounded on three sides by warm water.

Florid as peninsula

A peninsula is a piece of land almost surrounded by water or projecting out into a body of water.

Peninsula after the ice age

When Pangea began to break up Florida remained behind with North America.


a number of long ridges trend north to south mainly north of lake okeechobee, these landforms stem from old beach terraces and wind blown deposits of sand.now elevated above sea level.

Barrier island

a barrier island is like a fence or other obstacle that prevents movement access.

Barrier island

There important because they seperate the Atlantic Ocean from the Indian river lagoon.

Floridas wetlands

Floridas wetlands are highly productive and biologically diverse systems that enhance water quality, contriterosion, maintain streams flows, sequester carbon, and provide a home to at least one third of all threatened endangered species.

Floridas wetlands are important

They form by relation of change in water levels in surfical and upper floridan aquifers and lake stage to climate conditions.

Atlantic Ocean

There important because of Gulf Stream and boarcled by cuboy the Atlantic Ocean is the second largest of the worlds oceans.


It's one of Floridas important resources because it created 350 permenent jobs an inject 130$ million in the capital over three years.


Phosphate has been essential to feeding the world since the green revolution but it's excessive use as a fertilizer.


Limestone is used for building matieriel , tooth paste, and paint.


Oil is an important resource because in situations where access is on across or through federally owned controlled land.

Renewable and non renewable resources

The differnce between renewable and nonrenewable is renewable energy relies upon resources quickly replenished by natural process and while nonrenewable energy uses that are finite in supply.



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