Trust-Busting Monopolies Sahil malhotra

The Sherman Antitrust Act was beneficial to America’s free market because trusts corrupted the government, were unfair towards citizens and workers, and prevented other companies from growing.

In Theodore Roosevelt’s Antitrust Speech, he makes strong mention of the fact that the industrialist’s corrupt the government because the industrialists buy votes so their friends could get into office, as acts of favors to them

Many representatives of the companies met regularly to fix prices of their products and this, “Had stock market fluctuations and thus the government losing money”

In the late 1800s, there was a rise of the demand for steel and because of this, “Carnegie increased production and workers rebelled for the wage cuts needed"

.Since Carnegie had a monopoly on the steel company, he, “Was soon able to raise prices of his steel as much as he wanted"

In Fact, the Standard Oil Company among others, "Acquired control of dozens of companies, forced competitors out of business”

Often times, companies that were not considered “worthy” would be left out of trade decisions and the merges, being left to have to function by themselves.

A world with monopolies would force us into debt, corruption and render us powerless

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