What a difference a pro makes! Why You should Hire A professional

Late 2015, I started experimenting with my digital designs. I'd spent a lot of time creating over the summer and seemed to keep adding to the collection.

I decided that I needed to see if I could do anything with them.

After a lot of investigation, I decided to focus my attention on digitally printed fabric. Technology has really opened up the options available making something previously out of reach very accessible!

As I progressed from sample prints to sample products, I began to experiment with how to share my new products with others.

I assumed that I would, with a bit of trial and error, be able to get good quality photos myself.

After all, I take good photos (and that's not just my own opinion!). So why wouldn't I be able to do this?

I experimented a bit and soon realised that the photos I'm most often told are lovely, are landscapes - not "things".

"Things" are much more difficult! Especially when the "things" in question are fabric and fabrics that shimmer and react to the light.

Sample cosmetic bags and iPad case in silk (one of my photos)

I realised that I wasn't doing my products justice.

I put thoughts of how to best present my products aside.

Then I met Kerry. We were both at the launch of the Guildford Hub. Kerry stopped for a chat before declaring she needed to go find a chair to stand on.

A few minutes later I saw her perched on a chair trying to get the best shot of the room.

Kerry stuck in my mind (probably related to her standing on that chair!). We met up to discuss what I needed and whether she could help.

We agreed that her starter pack was perfect and set a date for a photo shoot.

As you can see - the images are beautiful. The attention to detail, capturing the irridesence of the velvet material, the ideas to show them in a lifestyle setting and the small touches to bring the colours out.

All of the background shots were taken by Kerry J Photography.

They make all the difference. While, with enough time, I might have managed something okay, I am confident that they would not have been as good as these.

Kerry's attention to detail, her focus, her determination to deal with the challenge of material that changes colour depending on how the light hits it, and making sure that I had a range of photos - all have delivered a great result from our photo shoot.

And let's not forget the key thing - Kerry's a professional! This is what she does and she does it really well.

You might think this is an ad for Kerry but really it's about the value of the right person for the job.

About realising that there is a limited amount of time in a day.

Accepting that there are things that we enjoy doing but that doesn't mean that we can achieve the standards we need and want.

I look at these pictures and I'm so proud. Proud of my designs, proud of what I've created and proud of the decision I made to get a professional in to really do them justice.

Doing it yourself can be the right answer.

As long as the effort to do it yourself is balanced by the result that you get. Time and effort are valuable!

You need to weigh up the invisible cost of doing it yourself with the value of hiring an expert which allows you to focus on your areas of expertise.

So all I can say is:

What a difference a pro makes!

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