This Man is Jovanni Jacob Daep

Age: 17.5

Birthday: Chicago on 04/06/1999

Ethnicity: Full Filipino

Favorite food: Anything that is Fluffy or Meaty

As a person I am a very energetic, active, and most of the time a positive person. Along with being active I like to compete in sports. Strangely I never thought of going big in the future with sports like basketball and football but really I just like the intensity into trying to win.

Fun fact is that I love pancakes and anything that's fluffy. Hobbies of mine are music, cooking, and baking. What's special about these hobbies of mine is that they put me in a good mood as well as to take my mind off of the negativity I have in my current situations.Otherwise it's just some things I do for my personal desires.

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