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House Of A Thousand Dragons is the name of the school. A "Dragon" is the most advanced rider, it comes from Dragon Style the master of all animal styles. The number "1,000" symbolizes the number of students that have mastered their Dragon Style. The word "house" is often described in regard to community and unity under one roof.

Tai Chi on Ruby Beach, WA

The Ancient Warrior Faced Outwards Looking For The Enemy. The Modern Warrior Faces Inward Becuase There Is No Rivalry.

Hidden Manual Vision

Our vision is to teach, train and encourage individuals to study The Three Dynamic Animal Styles which were created for everyone at any age to learn and study. These three core animal styles will teach you strength in falling and turning, agility in maneuverings and strategizing basic lines, gracefulness in defying gravity and making educated decisions while snowboarding.

New apprentice’s will be introduced to a regime of physical exercises and proper diet, which are required to be physically able to withstand the large amount of force and impact encountered in the nature of the sport. Through practicing modalities such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong, students will learn a new level of control and discipline that enable one to transcend an average riding ability.

Our school teaches control over the mind. Maintain discipline in one’s regiment will increase will power by studying internal and external elements of how the mind operates, such as brain chemistry and risk analysis. Creating discipline in all aspects of one’s life that stems from the roots of the trainings. Making good choices and expanding experiences.

The Mountain is ones’ mentor. It teaches the relationship between the elements and can be both predictable and unpredictable.

What We Are Working On For 2020

Pre-Snow Training Video's

Pre-Snow Clinics aim at teaching beginner and intermediate snowboarders the basics before they hit the slopes. These clinics were designed to make snowboarding fun and a little easier by the time you get to your on snow class. There are three beginner courses: Introductory, Basics & Guiding Principles, & Advanced Principles.

On Mountain Training Video's

Each class would be on mountain training where students would learn and study the hidden manual with their instructors graduating to each advanced animal style. Students would learn Pre-Snow Clinics first.

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