In the assessment we learned what it caused to live aurong thr Perham area. We learned what jobs kinda fit our personality. We learned if we should go a more artistic way or social. We learned what the average wage is and how long of an education you need. We also learn what career cluster we are put into.

There are multiple tasks you need to be a musician. You need to rehearse your music to interpert and memorise. You need to compose orignal and uneque music. Need to specolise in a specific type of music. You need to be able to sit for long periods of time.

The average wage in minnisota is $11.88 an hour. For the U.S it is $13.20 an hour. A nice thing is you can kinda work on your own hours. Everyone thoughts on music like anyother caree and different from others. I love musice ive grown up with it my hole life.

There are classes you can take to help your career but you dont need to necessarily take all of them. Chior is one class that you dont neoessarily need to take but would be nice if you want a caree as a singer. History of music id a class. Along with music theory. There is no need for education after high school years of traning is recomended. People normaly start at a young age they may study with a privet teacher. Musicians train for years even after they have a job.

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