Matthew Ashby Photo Journal Brian Barth

This is a "Gumbled Compess." This is a ver fancy compress that goes in a wooden box, has a metal holder, and a fancy finish. It was made of metal. It was introduced by the English.

This photo shows the exact replica of the Susan Constant ship that went from England to the New World. The use of this item is to sail across far waters and a ship that can be chartered from the King of England.


Last Night, I realized that my pistol broke. So, I ran an errand to the place you see above in the photo. This is a millinery I noticed that it smelled pretty clean, the gown felt a little bit uncomfortable, it looked extremely professional, and it sounded very clean. Items that are available to be bought are gowns, pistols, tea, and much more. I would by a new pistol every once and a while. I would order items from this shop placing an order for pick-up and then picking it up when it's ready.

Jail Bed

This afternoon, I went to visit my friend, John, in jail. He is not so wealthy now after his fine. This is the bed he said he normally sleeps on, and it doesn't look to comfortable. My favorite part of this jail is how John has a view of the gallows from his cell. With that view, he can be entertained with all the local hangings.

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