XYY Supermale Syndrome

The supermale syndrome is a rare condition that only affects males. This disorder is caused by a duplication of the Y chromosome, when the individual's genetic code is being made, in the DNA in some or all of the cells.

It could also be known as 47XYY Syndrome, Jacobs Syndrome, XYY Karyotypes, and the YY syndrome.

This disorder can not be inherited.

Phisycal symptoms could be;

  • Less body hair growth
  • Breast development
  • Grows very tall very fast
  • More female type figure
  • Narrow shoulders

And some intellectual symptoms could be;

  • Learning disorders
  • Speech disorders
  • Behavioural problems like hyperactivity and impulsivity

The Supermale syndrome is a rare condition that only affects ever 1 out of 1000 males.

The error of this genetic disorder happens during cell division in the sperm before conception, but the exact cause for this is unknown.

The diagnosis before birth would be a amniocentesis or through Chronic villus sampling, and after birth they would just do a chromosomal analysis to check for an extra Y chromosome. They would also do other tests such as reading tests and behavioural tests.

The only types of treatment they can do for a patient with this disorder would be to target the symptoms and treats those. So they would normally have speech therapy, occupational therapy and assistance for learning disabilities while in school. If the individual has behavioural disorders like ADHD and ADD they would treat it with medication.

By Brielle Goulet

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