CSAH 19 (Woodbury Drive) & Local Roads Safety Improvement Project April 21, 2020 Construction Update

Project Update

Preparation for the Woodbury Drive (CSAH 19) and Local Roads project has begun. Temporary Signal poles, utility relocations, and traffic lane impacts are underway. Expect significant lane shifts and closures over the coming days and weeks. Please slow down and drive safely through the construction zone.

Work scheduled for 2020 will primarily take place along County Highway 19 and several hundred feet down the city streets (Hudson Road, Commerce Drive, Tamarack Road, and Markgraf’s Lake Drive). The County and City are finalizing staging of the project with the Contractor, and will share mapping on the project website when available.

Construction Contact: Jennifer Solseth (612-346-6238)

A camera was placed on-site and takes a picture every 12-14 minutes during the entire construction project. This is a great way to view recent activity and the progress throughout construction.