Deloitte Accounting/Auditing


  • One of the big 4 accounting firms.
  • Current CEO: David Sproul
  • Created in 1845 when William Deloitte opened the first accounting office in London.
  • Base salary for accounting jobs is $45, 492.
  • Headquartered in New York City.
  • Operates in 150 countries and employs 244 thousand people across the globe.
  • Deloitte had a revenue of over $36 billion in 2016, making it the largest accounting firm in the U.S. this year.
  • 6th-largest privately owned organization in the United States.
  • Four main services: audit and enterprise risk services, consulting, tax, and financial advisory.
Pictured on far left: CEO, David Sproul

Why Work for Deloitte?

  • Great place to take your career to the next level: challenging work, significant development opportunities, and flexibility.
  • Strong network of skilled professionals: helps create lifelong connections with clients and co-workers across the globe.
  • Worldwide leader in professional services: serves the country's biggest clients, surrounds yourself with exceptional co-workers, and performs under the values of integrity, quality, and accountability.
  • Excellent learning and professional development opportunities: offers Harvard business school e-courses, new manager training programs, and CPA prep courses.
  • A company focused on collaboration and innovation: valuable resources, including innovative workspaces, virtual meeting technology, and creative ideas.
  • Compressed work weeks, sabbaticals, and flex work hours.
  • Bloomberg business has consistently listed Deloitte as the best place to start your career.

Why do I want to work for Deloitte?

  • Fantastic resume builder.
  • Gives me the experience and ability to form a client base in order build my own accounting/financial advisory firm.
  • Helps me to establish valuable professional connections.
  • Allows me to develop my skills as a CPA and consultant.
  • Offers job opportunities across the globe.
  • The best accounting firm in the nation.


  • Deloitte stands out because of their approach to their people and their ability to communicate.
  • Deloitte's owners are partners that have worked at the firm for at least a decade, and their personal compensation increases or decreases with Deloitte's overall profits.
  • Applicants need to demonstrate commercial awareness, analytical skills, and the ability to communicate in order to receive employment.
  • Deloitte's services sells to clients and they recognize that their employees are their most important assets, which is shown through their substantial vacation time, two sabbatical program opportunities, and training center called "Deloitte University".
  • Deloitte offers a large variety of areas to specialize in and its employees don't look at their employment as being a "job", they see it as a long-term career opportunity.




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