Mao Zedong Page by Michael Walsh

Mao Zedong was responsible for China's turn to communism. He was the central man that swayed the Chinese people into communism. Mao Zedong was born on December 26, 1893. He started off as a pheasant faming their small 3-acre lot in Shaoshan, but they better off than most. Mao received little school in his childhood. At age 17 he enroll into a secondary school in Changsha. During the Xinhua revolution in 1911, Mao joined the revolutionary army to destroyed the monarchy and hopefully get a better life for himself. In 1918, Mao graduated and became a certified teacher. He found a job at Beijing University and found out about the Russia Revolution and communism. Mao become a member of the communist party. He worked his way through the ranks and felt confident enough to attack the government of China. September 1927 Mao led his army of peasants to confront the government but was defeated. His army fled to monotonous region of Jiangxi and set up the Soviet Republic of China. The government eventually surrounded the communists and the communists fled walking 8,000 miles. World War II happens and the Chinese government has to also fight the Japanese, the Chinese could not fight a war on two fronts so they called a truce. Mao slowly rose through the ranks. After the Japanese defeat, Mao focuses on taking all of China. This triggers a bloody civil war. Eventually he creates the People's Republic of China on October 11, 1949. All of his opponents flee to Taiwan. Soon after Mao inserts brutal reform that makes everything equal through means of torture and stealing. Mao's goal was to increase agricultural and industrial production, but he had failed. The farming output wasn't near enough and villages starved. Mass famine spreads. Due to this famine Mao is pushed out of power, but he comes back to power and does even worse stuff. He closes the schools and puts the kids to hard manual labor and caused the cultural change in China. He later dies on September 9, 1967 as a genocidal monster and having failed his country.


Created with images by Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, UofT - "Advance Courageously Under the Guidance of the Red Flag of Mao Zedong Thought (在毛泽东思想红旗指引下, 奋勇前进)" • dullhunk - "Chairman Mao" • Arian Zwegers - "Chengdu, statue of Mao Zedong"

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