MYA City Summer Program Creating Healthy Habits with every run, jump, & Throw!!

The mission of Memphis Youth Athletics is simple: Create Healthy Habits With Every Run, Jump, & Throw! Since our establishment, we have served more than 3,000 children in and around the city of Memphis. MYA has provided under-resourced communities a platform for fostering children’s fitness aspirations by managing, supporting, and funding youth track and field, cross country, and running programs.

The MYA City Summer Program will be a health and wellness summer program with track & field as its core. This program aims to initially impact 300 3rd - 8th grade girls and boys by developing stronger physical abilities, athletic confidence, and an appetite to learn the joys of physical fitness and wellness. This will be achieved through a blend of informal play, technical instruction, and fun! The goal of the program is for our children to walk away with a renewed sense of confidence, healthier habits, and a joy for the sport of track & field. In addition to learning the basics of track & field, student athletes will be exposed to a learning adventure that will combine math, reading, nutrition, and character development. The MYA City Summer Program will be supported by community partners such as U of M College of Health Science, Tiger Bites Nutrition, and the Memphis City Parks.

The program will have hubs set up in select Memphis City Parks in the communities of North Memphis, South Memphis, and East Memphis. Initial recruitment will be driven through our existing partnering schools such as Oakhaven, New Hope, Promise Academies, Visions Prep, Believe Academy, etc.


The benefits of exercise are significant. For children in and outside of our community, exercise can:

  • Improve body composition through increased bone density levels, muscle strength, and cardiovascular health.
  • Fight obesity (1 in 3 children in grades K-8 are obese, slightly higher than the city-wide count of 1 in 4)
  • Improve stamina and energy levels
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes
  • Develop gross and fine motor skills
  • Enhance confidence and self-esteem

Additionally, approximately 25% of all residents & over 30% of children in Memphis live in poverty. MYA does not charge its participants from under resourced zip codes in an effort to provide accessible exercise to local children and steer them toward healthy futures.

The Program Overview

Students learn basic running drills and track events, from the long jump to the hurdles to the 100-meter dash. Experienced coaches lend their expertise and guide the student-athletes in learning the basics and challenging themselves to excel.

Eligibility. Children in grades 3-8 in the Memphis Metro area, with a focus on the underserved communities in North and South Memphis .

Schedule. Campers will meet 3 days per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays beginning in June and ending in late August.

Mondays & Wednesdays - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch, & 2 snacks (provided by MYA)
  • Fitness instruction
  • Team building activities
  • Nutrition education (provided by the University of Memphis)
  • Track instruction
  • Guest speakers
  • And a few surprises!

Fridays we will go off location to different venues around Memphis that lend themselves to teaching points and exposure to the great opportunities Memphis offers. For example:

  • Stax Museum of American Soul Music
  • Civil Rights Museum
  • Memphis Rox
  • U of Memphis campus tour
  • Shelby Farms Day
  • Licherman Nature Center
  • And more!

Locations.The program will operate out of Christian Brothers High School but will have pick ups in communities of North Memphis, South Memphis, and East Memphis. *Transportation will be provided by Premiere Transportation Services

Supplements. In addition to learning the basics of Track & Field, student-athletes will be exposed to a learning adventure that will combine math, reading, nutrition, character development, and extracurriculars. This will be supported by community partners such as U of M College of Health Science, Tiger Bites Nutrition, and the Memphis City Parks.

Events. In addition to the weekly meetings, there will be 3 events for the kiddos to show off their progress & skills!

  • The U.S. Olympic Trials Kick-Off Event, 6/26 @CBHS
  • The Olympic Games Kick-Off Event, 7/24 @CBHS
  • The Ed Murphey Classic, 8/14 @Rhodes College

The Ed Murphey Classic Connection! Student-athletes in the MYA City Summer Program will have access to professional track & field athletes via on-site clinics, interactive virtual chats, and a meet and greet at the Ed Murphey Classic, which will serve as our graduation from the program!

The Graduation

The graduation portion will see student athletes in the City Summer Program competing side by side with World-class track and field athletes at the Ed Murphey Classic! The hope is that this unique opportunity will inspire the youth of Memphis to pursue healthy and active lifestyles as they chase their dreams to one day become World-class athletes or performers!

The Rundown

The MYA City Program will make an impact on 300 plus Memphis area children each summer! Over 60% of the families in this program will be in a need based situation. That is where MYA steps in to help those families knock down the financial hurdles!

How can you invest in our kids?

  • Total number of need based campers = 200
  • Cost per camper to attend the 8 week MYA City Summer Program = $500
  • 200 camp waivers X $500/waiver = $100,000 investment into our kids

How many kids do you want to impact today?

The Return on Investment

  • Exposure to over 3,000 participants and their families/spectators across all MYA programs.
  • Supporting health and fitness in Memphis
  • Engaging the youth of Memphis with track and field and cross country
  • Plans to grow to at least 5,000 participants by 2023
  • Connection to a world-class track and field event in your backyard in one of our signature events - The Ed Murphey Classic
  • Tax deductible (501c3)
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