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Beast is a fictitious company that connects different motivational content from many different sources into a sole website, beast.com. Our sole purpose is to inspire people to become their best self. Our sources of revenue will be from advertisements on our website and through affiliate products we will sell through our daily newsletters. In our daily newsletters we will provide our subscribers with valuable content as well as recommended affiliate products they might be interested in. This will, as mentioned later on, increase the brand ‘name’ and loyalty from customers.

We will build the “Beast” website, in a way that gives the customer a whole rounded experience from start to finish, this includes from the moment they enter it to the moment they exit it through one of our links to another website or to our newsletter subscription. This improved customer experience will help us retain them for the future and as will be mentioned later on, spread ‘word of mouth’.

We will use SEO, as a way of organically increasing the visibility of our website. We will do Search Engine Optimization of our website ourselves to avoid the costs of SEO companies. This tool will enable us to ‘advertise’ our website without the cost of other forms of advertising such as SMM or SEM. With SEO we expect to position ourselves on the top of the google search list for words related to “motivation” “Success”.

As SEO will be a big part of our strategy, I will go into more detail about it now. We have found several SEO companies but they seem to charge very high prices. Instead, as I said before, we have decided that it will be our responsibility to maximize SEO. To accomplish this we will be using Google Analytics.

First of all, we will go to google analytics where we have the option of keywords search which, in brief, tells us how much traffic do certain words bring to a website. As we are a company/website dedicated to motivation, we intend to attract customers interested in the field. We type down in Google Analytics some of the key words and phrases we expect our segment customers to search for on google. This includes “motivation”, “how to be a beast” and so on. Now, in order to appear as the first website in their search, which is our main goal, we have made a list of key words we believe people will search for. We have segmented the words according to the ones google analytics says will give us the more points. The more ‘points’, the higher we will be in the search engine options. Having distilled the words that bring the most traffic to this website dedicated to motivation and self improvement, we will adapt our website by adding the key words we found with google analytics. This will again raise our ‘points’ as a key factor in SEO is the amount of key words and links we have. Since our website already contains many links to different videos and articles, this will also help us be at the top of the list. Once our website is on point, filled with key search words and links, we start the direct marketing.

We will move the website through podcasts very related to our topic. We will email specific speakers telling them the story of our company, what we are trying to attain and requesting their individual fees for recommending us in their podcasts.

We will be featured in the following podcasts:

“The MFCEO Project” hosted by Andy Frisella.

“The Garyvee Audio Experience” hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk.

“Book Of The Day” Show hosted by Tai Lopez.

“The Tim Ferriss Show” hosted by Tim Ferriss.

This marketing through these podcasts will, with no doubt, boost traffic to our website and increase the number of subscribers to our daily newsletter which will be another method we will be using to retain possible future customers and viewers. This personal treatment offered by the daily newsletter to subscribers will make them likely to talk about our website to like-minded friends and family members. This ‘word of mouth’ type of advertising must not be underestimated. “Zappos", a leading company attains an important number of customers thanks to word of mouth from past buyers and we will do the same.

Adding to our strategy, we will extend ourselves to a free podcast, “GoBeast”, where we will upload weekly content. This podcast will be spoken of and advertised by the icons mentioned above in their podcasts. This “GoBeast” podcast will add up to and improve the customer experience when entering our website, increasing our value as a company.

We will not be hiring a CRM company as we don’t intend on becoming such a significant sized company our first year. We don’t discard the idea in the long run.

As a final wrap up, with our website positioning through SEO, our marketing through well known podcasts and our own podcast, we expect to retain 1000 subscribers to our newsletter at the end of our first year.

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Borja Alonso


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