A trip to remember By:aNNIKA H.

I was amazed at the sights, history and the legends of the thought to be fountain of youth.The scenery ,the water,and cannon firing were an a amazing part of the fountain of youth . The fountain of youth was one of my favorite thing about St. Augustine so let me tell about what was so not magical about the fountain of youth.
Next we went to a cannon firing I loved it because it was still about history and how people would fire cannons.Sometimes pirates would get back fired and get hit in the leg so pirates warned people. I loved the loudness even though I closed my ears at the end everyone clapped and I was amazed.
Then the moment happened the reason the park was ever made , the fountain of youth now it was the time to actually drink the water.Did you know the water wasn't actually magical it was a myth it was mineral water. It was water underground with the Florida aquifer which is a natural water purifier.The water tasted and smelled like toilet water even though I've never tasted toilet water but at least it was mineral water.I loved the stones laid out by ponce de leon laid out for the date he landed at Florida . I enjoyed the the rich history all at the fountain of youth park.
Sadly this is the end of our journey to the fountain of youth. I’m glad to share the history of how people back then lived before us and how they lived. Our story ends when we board the bus. Approaching our next destination until next time.

my trip to St. Augustine....

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